ArticleWhat's in a name?

December 16, 2020 2 min read

We thought long and hard about our name and how we wanted to present ourselves. Read on to find out why we settled on "Clara".

What's your story?

Our values

We aim for our customers to find us and our software:

  • simple
  • clear
  • smart
  • refreshing
  • trustworthy
  • human

We're constantly looking at how we can design easy-to-use software. People with lots of different backgrounds work in pharmacies, some who are comfortable using software, and some who are not so comfortable. Clara is clear, simple, and easy-to-use, and can be easily picked up by new staff.

There's lots of ugly software out there, especially in the pharmacy sphere. Pharmacists and other pharmacy staff spend a lot of their time on the computer these days, so we want our software to be enjoyable to use. That's where "refreshing" comes in — Clara just looks nicer than other software, and while it's not our main focus, we think it's pretty important.


The main focus of Clara right now is to simplify your Controlled Drug registers by making them digital, giving you useful features like autocomplete. But why stop there?

We have ambitions beyond Controlled Drug registers, and we're always looking at other ways we can help pharmacists and other pharmacy staff with their day-to-day tasks. So our customers know we're serious, we decided not to use "CD" or "register" as part of our name.


As well as designing easy-to-use software, we don't try to bamboozle you with techy jargon. We've got live chat embedded in the application, so we're always just a click away if you get stuck.


So what does Clara mean then? It's the feminine form of the Latin word clarus, which according to Wiktionary means:

  1. clear, bright
  2. renowned, famous
  3. upstanding, respected

We think that captures our values pretty well! It's also a personal name, which helps to our customers show that we're approachable, friendly and human.

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