FEATURE ANNOUNCEMENTRxWeb Integration is now live!

December 16, 2022 2 min read

Making entries in your electronic CD register has never been easier with our RxWeb integration. Import your CD dispenses and improve accuracy.

Our RxWeb integration makes your electronic CD Register even faster.

Normally when you make a controlled drug entry in your you have to choose the drug, enter the patient's details, the prescriber's details, and the amount of the drug the patient received. Clara already autocompletes patient and prescriber data for you, speeding up the process by allowing you to search for data with a couple of key presses.

Run a "CDs dispensed" report in RxWeb, and click the "Copy report to clipboard" button. Then in Clara go to the Pending entries screen and click the "Import from RxWeb" button. Check through each of the importing entries and click "Import" at the bottom right.

All your CD dispenses will then be in a "pending" queue ready for you to enter into your CD register. Simply double-check the entry, select yourself from the staff list and click save when the patient has collected their item. Accuracy is improved, and the process of making a CD entry now takes seconds. Entries will be in the pending queue indefinitely until you either enter them into a register or dismiss them. Though, they will warn you if they are older than 28 days.

Save time, eliminate missed entries and improve accuracy with Clara's electronic CD register and RxWeb integration.