Feature announcementPositive Solutions Analyst integration

April 6, 2021 2 min read

We've teamed up with Positive Solutions to simplify the task of entering your controlled drugs into your CD registers. If you use Positive Solutions Analyst PMR, you can now link your PMR to your Clara account.


Normally when you make a controlled drug entry, you have to enter the patient's name and address, the prescribers name and address, and the amount the patient received. Clara already automatically remembers patient and prescriber data for you, which speeds up the process somewhat by allowing you to search for the data with a couple of key presses.

With our Analyst integration, the information comes across as soon as you label the prescription. In Clara, it sits in a "pending" queue ready for you to double check, initial, and save after the patient has collected their items. Accuracy is improved, and the process of making a CD entry now takes seconds.

Pending entries view
Pending entries view

The pending entry will sit in the queue until you either enter it into a register or dismiss it. A simple glance over the queue at the end of the day is enough to make sure you don't forget to make entries in your register. As a superintendent pharmacist, you can also log in to make sure that your branches are remembering to enter the controlled drugs that they dispense.

If you use serial/instalment dispensing, multiple pending entries are made automatically. Future entries are hidden until the date they relate to, so if you have a patient on daily methadone for example, you'll see a new pending entry each day for them automatically, all off the back of entering one prescription in Analyst.

The Positive Solutions Analyst integration will save you loads of time and give you reassurance that you won't forget any entries. To get started, follow the instructions in the Analyst integration help desk article.

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