ArticleFebruary updates and spotlight on instalments

February 11, 2022 4 min read

Check out what's new with Clara so far this year, and find an easier way to do instalments.

Spotlight on instalments

Did you know Clara can split up Pending entries into instalments for you? Whether you create the pending entry manually or it comes across as one large dispense through the PMR integration, you can easily split it up into the correct instalments.

Suppose you will enter a serial dispense but don’t have PMR integration. Or you have the integration, but the dispense came across as a single dispense. This is how you can split it up.

When you open to Pending entries tab of Clara, you’ll see a large dispense:

Click on the three dots at the right and select “Create instalments” to start splitting it up.

Note: If you are manually creating the pending entry, enter the total amount (280 in this example) and then check the “Create instalments” checkbox at the bottom. The rest of the interface will be the same as what you see next.

After clicking Create instalments, you’ll see something like this:

If the drug is a daily dispense, all you need to do is double-check the dates and uncheck the “same day” checkbox for any days the pharmacy is closed. Then, Clara will automatically change the “Pickup date” to the day before.

Click Save, and you’re done. You will now have multiple pending entries, splitting the dispense into daily doses.

If it isn’t a daily dispense, you can easily customise the number of instalments and the frequency by changing the number and selecting between days/weeks/months. Or by using one of the presets.

And if none of these options suits the dispense, you can select “Specific dates” and set the number of instalments and enter the specific dates they will be picked up with Clara doing all the calculation work for you.

What’s new

  • Beginnings of integration with service partner for Appointments module
  • Updated booking widget to allow non-UK addresses and phone numbers
  • Added optional “Current temperature” field to Fridge Temperature Log
  • Added a “Checked by” field to stock checks
  • Added the option to add all drugs with overdue stock checks to a Stock Check
  • General back end updates and improvements